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“Along with the wineries have come new inns selling their wines, and I spent my second night at one of the best: The Inn at Willow Grove , a handsome 18th-century Piedmont plantation -style mansion fronted by white pillars, just outside Madison, on Route 15. The building was in disrepair when the New Jersey businessman David Scibal and his art-dealer wife, Charlene , bought it in 2010. Several million dollars later, it’s a chic, urban-meets-plantation retreat, filled with modern art and catering to hip young DC couples. My balcony suite looked out over fields and forest, and I learned that, just beyond the treeline, stands Montpelier, the former home of President James Madison , drafter of the United States Constitution. A small miracle was that the landscape had barely changed since Madison’s time; I was looking at what he saw.”

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